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ABC Diaries is a Professional Audio Studio designed, built and operated by a team of Producers, Engineers and Audio Enthusiasts. Our state-of-the-art studio is equipped with Pro Tools HD and some of the best collections of Vintage and Modern Analog Microphones, A/D Convertors and Audio Interface. Our goal is not only to meet our in-house music production needs but also to offer the best quality services to our esteemed clients. At ABC Diaries Audio Studio, we are dedicated to always doing our best and making the recording process an inspiring, collaborative and creative experience. We do not do things the same way every time – we personally tailor every approach for every client we work with.    

Our Services Includes:
• Sound Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering
• Complete Music Track Production including Writing, Arranging and Session Musicians
• Voiceover, ADR and Vocal Recording
• Sound Design and Music Production for Documentary, TV Shows, Commercials and Film

Equipment Used:
• Digital Work Station: Pro Tools HD, Steinberg Cubase
• Conversion: Audient ID 44
• Microphones: SE T2, Shure SM 58, Shure SM Beta 58, Shure SM 57
• Monitoring: Presonus Eris E8
• Headphones: Audio Technica M40X, Sennheiser HD280 Pro
• Foldback: ART HeadAMP, Mackie HM4
• Plug-in: Waves, FabFilter, Slate Digital, Sound Toys, Izotope, Native Instruments Kontakt, ReFx Nexus 2, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX
• Analog Patchbay: Behringer ECM 8000
• Mixer: Presonus FaderPort 8
• MIDI Keyboard: Nectar LX61+
• Work Station: Processor – INTEL 3.7 GHz 8700k, Mother Board – Asus ROG Strix Gaming Z390-F, Graphic Card – MSI 4GB GTX 1650 VENTAS XS, RAM – Corsair Vengence 16GB DDR4 3000, Hard Disk – WD 2TB 7200 RPM and Samsung M.2 250 GB

Acoustic Treatment: The Studio is acoustically treated by using professional soundproofing materials by MMT ACOUSTIX and NANKARROW (Russia) and has been calibrated by using Behringer PX 3000 Calibration Microphone in order to provide a flat frequency response while recording and monitoring.

For any Business Enquiry, kindly email our team: [email protected]


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